It has been said that information security and operational risk management are more of an art than a science. There is no reason why this should be true, and the past decade has seen significant development in how to assess risk and effectivesness of risk management actions. Part of the mission of CSO Confidential is to progress the discipline of information security and risk management through conducting research. Some of this is specific to clients, other research is through open funding and is made more widely available. One particular interest is in the security of embedded systems, such as process plant. If you wish to know more about our programme, please email.

Another research area is looking how to improve the connection between executive risk management decision making, information security and the risks inherent in technology. We are also interested in looking at the next security risks that are appearing on the radar and how to manage the current risks more efficiently.

We also have an active interest in the research activities at Royal Holloway, University of London.

DIgital Systems KTN. CyberSecurity KTN

Paul Dorey follows the activities of the Digital Systems Knowledge Transfer Network which is sponsored by the UK government, and sat on the Steering Board of its predecessor the Cyber security Knowledge Transfer Network. As the KTN web site says the KTN is "a single focal point for UK Cyber Security expertise, to collaboratively identify universal challenges and develop effective response, influence UK investment strategy and government policy, accelerate innovation and education, harness and promote UK capability internationally and help improve the UK security baseline."

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