Support of National and Local Government Departments & Agencies

Consultants who work for CSO Confidential have had experience of advising government agencies in Europe, North America, Asia and Australasia. Paul Dorey was the first private sector speaker at the Meridian conference. For several years he was an active member of the Permanent Stakeholders Group of the European Network Information Security Agency (ENISA). In the UK we have done work across a number of government departments including supporting the risk management programmes of a number of SIROs.

Effective risk management and security programmes have many facets including a joined-up view of risk, and a focus on security performance management. - We can help with strategies and the design of processes, methods and reporting that can bring together all aspects of risk management , security and continuity within an organisation. This includes the convergence of physical and IT security. People, process & technology all have a role to play in effective security. We can provide strategies for the accreditation and ongoing measurement systems for ensuring security processes and systems are working well and meeting their requirements.

Public-Private Partnerships

Successful relationships and engagement strategies are key to the good security of critical national infrastructure. Whether you are a government agency tasked with developing and managing CNI/CIP programmes or a company needing to maintain good government relationships we can help you in your approach.

Security impacts on your organisation can arise from the suppliers and services that you depend on. How do you manage this? We can help you with a strategy to define requirements and measure and manage suppliers in achieving it.