Making Contact

We are obviously happy to be contacted by those interested in our work and services. But are also happy to have contact with leaders from organisations seriously looking at their security and risk management options. This can be professional security leaders or IT and business leaders looking for guidance, even if its just to point you at some good research or guidance on the Internet.

We welcome contact by journalists who would like to better understand paticular security issues or the background to news stories. We will respond quickly to initial contact by email.

If you have been a security or risk leader or senior risk professional who is considering a career in research and strategic consultancy, please also feel free to make contact or send us your CV/Resume.

Useful Reading on Consultancy

As practitioners who have become successful consultants we are often asked our advice on how to start out in consultancy, we recommend Peter Block's book: "Flawless Consulting" which is available from Amazon.

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