Support for Companies

Consultants who work for CSO Confidential have had practical experience of working as security and operational risk decision makers in major corporations and this is a requirement of being considered for CSO Confidential projects.

Effective risk management and security programmes have many facets including a joined-up view of risk, and a focus on security performance management. - We can help with strategies and the design of processes, methods and reporting/metrics that can bring together all aspects of risk management , security and continuity within an organisation. This includes the convergence of physical and IT security. People, process & technology all have a role to play in effective security. We can provide strategies for the accreditation and ongoing measurement systems for ensuring security processes and systems are working well and meeting their requirements.

Security impacts on your organisation can also arise from the suppliers and services that you depend on. How do you manage this? We can help you with a strategy to define requirements and measure and manage suppliers in achieving it. We develop strategies, and plans that allow organisations to make security investments that deliver the intended value, that provide the best protection for budget available and correctly balance people, process & technology.

Support for Vendors and Service Providers

We can help security product and service providers understand the complexity of the security problem through the eyes of the end-user customer. This can help improve product and service offerings and how they are presented to sales prospects and we have a very successful training course on the 'view of the CISO' which we deliver for sales account managers and other client-facing staff. We can also advise companies on future product and service development, go to market approaches and strategic opportunities. Our clients to date have included major global names in network technology & services, outsourcing and security products and services.