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The Internet of Things

The Internet of Things (IoT) is an umbrella term used to describe the rapidly growing population of smart and/or embedded digital devices that can leverage, monitor and control systems and components in the physical world. The span covered by this technology is vast - ranging from industrial control systems on the internet, new wearable devices and new capabilities in automobiles or homes. The opportunities are significant as IoT systems can transform the customer experience, improve product maintenance, and create new business propositions like subscription models and greater knowledge from data analytics.

But, the IoT presents important new security challenges. Even with the explosive growth of mobile apps and the cloud, the focus and expertise of corporate IT security has remained largely inside the company firewall. But this new environment of ‘things’ resides almost entirely outside of the corporate network, relying primarily on the external internet and local connectivity technologies such as Bluetooth or mesh networks. Much of the technology is also different from traditional IT systems and can involve simple operating systems and very low powered processors.

It is perhaps not surprising that security researchers and the media have been having a field day identifying IoT security weaknesses – not just in the lab, but in devices that are in widespread use.

What is the purpose of this web-site?

In our research and work with companies who have IoT projects we found that it was too easy to make the wrong assumptions about security and privacy. A common mistake can be to focus just on the technical device, rather than the broader eco-system of applications, data and cloud services. It is also easy to miss the strategic significance of decisons like the choice of industry standards and the corporate stance on how personal data will be handled.

This web site aims to bring together a range of resources on the new IoT and the implications of privacy and security. We intend to explore the security stories and the risks, as well as looking at how the security and privacy challenges are being tackled by researchers, end-user companies and solutions vendors. We welcome learning about new resources and new stories and ideas. Market researchers predict that there will be over 50 billion IoT devices deployed by 2020. Poor security deployed at scale could be irreversible, so the time to get the security right is now.