Practical Risk Management

We boldly brand ourselves as providing practical security and operational risk strategies that, based on experience, will be both effective and cost efficient. Established by Prof. Paul Dorey, an information risk & security professional with over 25 years personal experience, at the Chief Information Security or Risk Officer level in major companies; CSO Confidential leverages the experience of senior security professionals who have been decision makers within their organisations.

Good security need not cost the earth. The security problem is about balancing investment to risk, and making sure that the right security solutions are put in the right place to give sustained and adequate protection.

Security in organisations is often about interfaces; bringing together views of risk management, physical and information security, Compliance and corporate governance. Good security and risk management also recognises the interfaces and dependencies with other organisations, suppliers and government agencies. This is particuarly true in those companies that play a part in operating the critical infrastructure within countries (CNI). We have direct experience in developing security strategies that meet these goals.

What do we do?

Right AlignCSO confidential is about getting access to hard-to-find experienced professionals who can develop security and risk management strategies for end-user companies, technology & service suppliers and government departments . Typical assignments have also included the assessment and development of security capability, improvng risk management performance and developing security service propositions for suppliers. We also provide expert witnesses and consultants for legal and contractural disputes involving information security.